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A Web-Based Program for Fire Department Recordkeeping...

For Firefighters, By Firefighters

How was born? Just like the Halligan, the NY Hook and CAFS - a firefighter with a better idea (and a few slow shifts)

The first module we did was a little app to track hydrants - frankly we got tired of filling out spreadsheets and slips of paper only to see them get lost. After that we did engine checkoffs, SCBAs, Bunker Gear and anything else we could think of. Originally we weren't going to sell it, but everyone who found out about it wanted to use it, so we figured out a way to make it available in a way that was secure, easy to use and affordable.

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Vehicles and Equipment


How do you know the last shift put everything back and that it is in working order? Most departments do some sort of checkoffs either at the start of each shift or at a minimum once a week. tracks vehicle status like fluid levels, mileage, hours, condition as well as equipment inventories. If anything is missing or broken, a simple click generates a work ticket and flags the issue.

Bunker Gear and SCBAs


The NFPA and several state agencies (like TCFP) have specific requirements for recordkeeping when it comes to Bunker Gear and SCBAs. Using this program certainly doesn't guarantee you'll pass your audit, but we have tried to make all the necessary info easy to track and access. This site is not connected to or endorsed by the NFPA or any state regulatory agency.

Other Stuff


We also include modules to track hydrants, station supplies, work tickets and medical CEs (available Summer 2011). You get everything we offer for one low price.



Every module in the application comes with built-in reports, both summary and detail. Officers and others can see if the checkoffs are happening and identify any issues found. Information can easily be displayed in case of an audit or inspection and the results can be filtered along many different criteria.

Contact Info

Phone: 214.799.0911