What is a checkoff?

A checkoff is anything you need to inspect and keep a record of.

The checkoff functions we currently offer are vehicle checkoffs, equipment checkoffs, SCBA checkoffs and med bag checkoffs. These are the items that must be continuously maintained in a state of readiness for the average fire department. In many small departments these checkoffs are done on paper and then hopefully filed away. But that is a lot of paper to maintain and it doesn’t give you the chance to really understand what is going on with your equipment over time.

Why are you so much cheaper than the other guys??

Because we are not a software company. We are firefighters. We DO take this seriously and we HAVE used every technological advantage to make the product secure and rock-sold. We're not messing around, but we also don't have to hire a bunch of software engineers to build the product and run the company. We do this on our off days (and sometimes on shift, but don't tell Chief). We get a paycheck already. We do this because it is fun and it helps people (probably the same reason we are firefighters). We are not trying to build a Fortune 500 company.

Are electronic checkoffs the only thing you offer?

No. We also offer modules that track hydrants, bunker gear, station supplies, work tickets and medical CEs. If you can think of something else you want to track, let us know and we may add it.

What does the service cost?

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Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No. Our services are offered month-to-month with a special discount for a 12 month pre-payment. Even with the 12 month pre-payment you can quit at anytime. We will refund the prorated portion of your balance and send you the data.

Is the system flexible/Do I have to use everything?

The system is highly configurable and you can turn modules on and off. You can even have different views for differnt users.

Who are you guys?

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Is my data secure?

Like anything on the Internet, there are risks, but we have taken every precaution to prevent unauthorized access to your data. We ask that you use complex passwords and change them often. The good news is that the kind of data we maintain is not very attractive to hackers and the like.

Where is your application housed?

We lease servers from RackSpace in San Antonio, TX. They are a leader in the “cloud computing” market and they have folks working 24x7x365 to ensure our systems are up and running at all times.

What if your system crashes, do I lose all my data?

Our systems are architected to never go down, but we also take precautions to guard against an unplanned outage. We perform regular backups of your data and we will even e-mail you a copy that you can keep.

Why should I use FireCheckoffs.com?

There are other companies out there that can keep track of your checkoffs and maintenance records for you, but to our knowledge none are run by fire fighters and priced so affordably. We started the company to serve the small to medium sized department and we feel no one else out there is going to give you a better value for your money (if you find someone, then quit us and join them – no hard feelings).

How long have you been in business?

We built the initial application in 2009 to track hydrant testing and records for flowing dead-end mains (which my department is responsible for in our town). Prior to that they were keeping track of things on paper and Excel, but it was a pain. As soon as we got the hydrant app running, people were standing in line for additional apps to add on.

We have a lot of two-hatters on our department and they all wanted a way to use the checkoff app at their departments and in searching for a way to offer it easily and cheaply to other departments, Firecheckoffs.com was born.

Where does all the money go?

We designed this to be affordable so there isn’t a lot of money yet, but we also want to give back to the Brotherhood. 10% of everything we make goes to firefighter charities.

Is that a picture of you standing in front of the Engine?

Nope. Just some picture I found on the internet. I don't have enough nerve to put a picture of myself on a website - at least not one that is trying to get you to buy something.

Contact Info

Phone: 214.799.0911
E-mail: info@firecheckoffs.com