About FireCheckoffs.Com

Every firefighter has a second job. In my case fire fighting IS my second job.

I always loved the fire service, but the timing was never right to do it full time. I wound up in the computer software industry but always loved being part of the Brotherhood. Luckily I am able to do both. I work for a software giant during the day and work 1900-0700 every third night (C Shift) driving Fairview, TX Engine 1.

FireCheckoffs.com is my 3rd job I guess. The nice thing is that I have time at the station (one can only watch so much UFC and Discovery Channel) to work on it and they don’t care as long as I give it to them for free. So between running calls, training and doing equipment maintenance WE created FireCheckoffs.com

Who is We?

I say WE because even though it was my hands on the keyboard this would have been impossible...

without support and encouragement from the members of Fairview Fire Rescue and more specifically the constant guidance, motivation and beta testing from Lt/Medic Jeff Choquette, Eng/Medic Nathan White and Lt/Medic Travis Green. It is also great to have pure fire fighters (aka know nothing about computers) like Lt/Medic Danny Anthony and Lt/EMT Jeff Kendrick – if they can use it, literally ANYONE can. I also need to thank Eng/Medic Chase Chitwood and my boss Lt/Medic Ted Fritzler – not sure for what, but if I don’t mention them I will catch hell for it. My first customers at Prosper, TX Fire Dept were also a great source of ideas and inspiration. A big thanks to FF/Medic Micky Blain, FF/Medic Cory Murphy and the rest of Prosper's Bravest.

Our Mission

Plain and simple: To create an affordable way to make the firefighter's job easier and enable departments to keep better track of their stuff.

www.FireCheckoffs.com was created on the job and by both volunteer and career firefighters and battle tested (including a funny story about the Captain looking at the checkoffs on the brush truck while it was deployed 200 miles away in Midland). We have taken the basic record keeping requirements and boiled them down to the most efficient system we could think of, while still complying with all the rules.

Contact Info

Phone: 214.799.0911
E-mail: info@firecheckoffs.com