Our Business Model

My grandfather, a Navy vet and life-long small businessman, taught me that if you do right by folks, they will do right by you. That is the deal. No long term contracts, I want to earn your business every day. If I don’t, then I don’t deserve it.

How it works

The goal is to make this easy. I wanted to price this so that it was a no-brainer and you could throw it on a credit card without going to the city council or holding a fish fry to raise the money.

The easiest way to price this is by apparatus. The cost is $150 per year, per apparatus, for frontline(regularly staffed), $75 per year for reserve apparatus(not regularly staffed). If you have more than 10 frontline vehicles you want to track, please contact us for special pricing.

For that price, you get it all: The checkoffs, the hydrant app, bunker gear tracking, medical CE tracking, station supplies and work tickets. If we invent anything else, we will probably throw that in too.


1 Frontline Engine(staffed)- $150/year
1 Frontline Medic(staffed) - $150/year
1 Brush Truck (unstaffed) - $75/year
1 Reserve Engine (unstaffed) - $75/year
1 Reserve Medic (unstaffed) - $75/year

All non-fire capable equipment is included at no charge. Example: Trailers, mules, boats, command cars, utility pick-ups, etc.

Total: $525/year

Note: All volunteer and small combination (less than 5 paid staff per shift) typically run what we would consider just a single staffed apparatus, even though they can jump on anything that the call allows. Example: A department has a full time officer and a part-time driver and several volunteers per shift. They typically staff the engine, but everything else is ready to roll if needed - The engine would be considered "staffed" and all other apparatus would be considered "unstaffed" or reserve for pricing purposes


    Vehicle Checkoffs
    Equipment Checkoffs
    SCBA Checkoffs
    Med Bag Checkoffs
    Hydrant Application
    Bunker Gear Tracking Application
    Station Supplies Application
    Medical CE Tracking Application (avail Summer 2011)
    Work Tickets
    E-mail Alerts

Contact Info

Phone: 214.799.0911
E-mail: info@firecheckoffs.com