Equipment Checkoffs

A piece of paper a day adds up fast

We used to fill out a check-off form on paper at the beginning of every shift. We would make sure everything was on the apparatus and was in good working order. But we had to make a checkmark next to every item on the list. Not only did it take time, but the paper added up fast - 5 apparatus x 365 = over 1800 sheets of paper per year. Not only did we have to store it, but try to find a checkoff from a given day or figure out a trend (like the chainsaw broke 5 times in the last 6 weeks). stores all the info for you and retreives it at a moment's notice.

If everything is there, just submit the checkoff and you are done - you only have to mark the discrepancies. If something is missing or out of service, the system will keep track of it until it gets fixed. can also prompt for special checks. In our department we start all small engines once a week (Motor Mondays). On Monday the system prompts the user to perform the checks and then records that all of the tools were started.

Work Tickets

If something is marked as deficient you can generate a ticket and send an e-mail or text automatically.

If you mark a discrepacy and a ticket already exists, the system will let you know so you don't submit an unnecessary ticket.

Contact Info

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