This is a full featured module for the tracking of hydrant testing and submitting work orders

No matter who flows the hydrants in your town, chances are with cities asked to do more with less, you will be doing some part of it. This was the first module we wrote because keeping track of which hydrants had been flowed and knowing if all the dead end mains got flushed that month accross 2 stations and 6 crews was surprisingly hard without a consolidated place to keep all the info. We also needed an easy way to submit work tickets to the water department when we did have a stem that needed to be greased or a cap that needed to be freed.

Recording Tests and Work Orders

The boys from the water department are really good guys to have on your side, especially at 2 AM when you need the booster pumps turned on or the water main shut off. Since we instituted a hydrant management program, the department head has been giving me that cool "two fingers raised into a peace sign waive while he keeps his hands on the steering wheel" when he sees me because he knows he gets his dead end report each month when he needs it. Everyone has a job to do. Making someone elses job easier can pay off in good ways.

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