Med Bag Checkoffs

It is estimated that 80% of all runs are med calls. Be sure you have what you need.

Running a complex med call at 2AM is difficult work, but the next shift needs to know that everything made it back in the bag / got restocked once you cleared the scene. Daily Med Bag inspections are critical to ensure you have what you need. Additionally some med bags never get used (when is the last time the BC used an EpiPen out of the med bag in the squad?), and you need to ensure that everything is current and in working order. We can handle multiple bags per apparatus and can also adapt the module for ambulance inspections.

Checking Expiration Dates

We can either track the dates of what is supposed to be in the bag, or prompt checks on your schedule

Each item has a configurable dropdown that allows you to record different statuses. You can set the system to generate a ticket or simply record a status. We can create workflows to match your process, making sure that the right folks get notified.

Contact Info

Phone: 214.799.0911