Station Supplies

You would be surprised how many paper towels we go through in a month

Or perhaps you wouldn't, but the larger your department is and the more stations you have the more "stuff" you need. We wanted an easy way for the differnt stations and shifts to reorder supplies and to track how much stuff we use in a year. Switching from paper towels to cloth towels that can be washed and reused represented a significant savings for us over the course of a year. It doesn't seem like much but saving in the small areas give you more latitude to spend money on things that really matter (like!). The module provides minimum quanties and an easy way to reorder (which creates a list for the station supplies guy). He goes to the big box store and stocks up, and then he knows exactly what everyone needs. This may be overkill for some departments, but I guarantee that we are the only folks that track paper towels.

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