Vehicle Checkoffs

Keeping track of fluid levels, tire pressure, lights and the other physical aspects of the vehicle

This screen is configurable and allows you to keep track of all aspects of the vehicle. You can also detail it for different types of vehicles (does the vehicle have a generator? Aerial? Pump? Light Tower, etc?)

Different checks can also be scheduled for different days like:

  • Motor Day - Check all fluids or perform other types of checks. This can be scheduled on a shift calendar, one day week (ie. Motor Monday) or another schedule you decide
  • Pump Day - Some departments pump the apparatus everday at checkoff, others once a week, and others inbetween. We can accomodate any schedule.
  • Scheduled Maintance Reminders - By recording the mileage and/or engine hours the system can automatically notify you when the apparatus is reaching a service threshold

Work Tickets

If something is marked as deficient you can generate a ticket and send an e-mail or text automatically.

Each item has a configurable dropdown that allows you to record different statuses. You can set the system to generate a ticket or simply record a status. For instance in this case "Out of Service" or "Broken but Still in Service" would prompt the user to open a ticket, but "Repaired, Back in Service" would just record the action.

Contact Info

Phone: 214.799.0911