Work Tickets

An accurate maintenance history is important

Accurate records are vital to understand the maintenance history of an asset and when it comes to something like an apparatus, you may be called on to supply a maintenance history when you sell it. Other items like small motor tools and electronics may need to be replaced if they become unreliable. An accurate history can help provide justification for new purchases. The other benefit is just to be able to have all of your maintenance items in one place. SCBAs, Vehicles, Equipment, Med bags, Hydrants and Bunker Gear can all have tickets tied to them. We can provide separate views to each asset manager or a consoldiated view, or a combination.


If something is marked as deficient you can generate a ticket and send an e-mail or text automatically.

If you mark a discrepacy and a ticket already exists, the system will let you know so you don't submit an unnecessary ticket.

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